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Legal Notices

⒈ Terms of Service based on the business, providing customers a full range of services. ownership and operation of the electronic services the right to return a large network Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang water. China's rich web services provided entirely in accordance with its published charter, terms of service and operational rules strictly enforced. If members agree to all terms of service, and complete the registration process, you can become rich network full member of the Chinese.

⒉ Basic conditions its own operating system, via the Internet to provide network services for its members. To this end, members should have the following basic conditions:
⑴ Is equipped with its own equipment for the Internet, including computer, modem or other access devices necessary.
⑵ Borne by the enterprises with Internet access need to pay for this service related telephone charges, Internet fees.

⒊ Conditions of service providing commercial network services and timeliness:
⑴ Member responsible for its release of information should provide detailed, true, accurate business information shall not publish false, ambiguous information, absolutely prohibits the publication of misleading, malicious messages.
⑵ To update registration information to meet the timely, detailed and accurate requirements.
⑶ provides members of China's membership ID and password used by members only. If the members of the account number or the password is lost or stolen, it is timely to re register and reset your password. Members create account compromised, should bear the responsibility.
⑷ Member if found the information is not accurate or error, and other wrongful acts, shall be promptly restaurant chains. If the problems are not solved, can enter the Site because the complaints procedure.
⑸ commodity information available to members of the editing, preparation, dissemination of copyright and intellectual property rights, all networks have a wealth of China by the; without Chinese fortune Wang Shi prior written consent, any various forms may not copy, distribute, sell, publish, broadcast, relay the information goods.
⑹ of information provided is found to contain incorrect information, will issue a warning, and retain the suspension or termination of their membership rights.
⑺ members as a result of breach of this Agreement net economic loss of wealth in China, Ben Wang right to pursue their economic responsibility and legal liability.

⒋ Rights and obligations of membership
Member of all acts must be consistent with national law. Please carefully read the "Transaction Information" in the relevant terms, such as violation of state law and this Agreement, any disputes and adverse outcomes will be independently assume full responsibility for the perpetrator.
Members can make money at any time network services in China, criticized the proposal.