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dia. 60mm Stainless steel Sintered Titanium powder filter

dia. 60mm Stainless steel Sintered Titanium powder filter

Publish Time: 2014-12-30

Region: China(Mainland)»XiZang Autonomous Region

Industry: Minerals & Metallurgy»Cast & Forged

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Product Details

Numbers fm3443434
Packaging wooden case
Price 10
Specifications 0.6-10mm
Product Code fm545455
Place of Origin china

intered Titanium powder filter
sintered Titanium powder
Stainless Steel interface
Surface smooth, easy to clean

dia. 60mm Stainless steel Sintered Titanium powder filter

Superior Permeability Titanium Filter Cartridge

Sintered Titanium powder filter

Titanium rod filter cartridge is based on industrial highpure titanium powder as main raw material through high temperature sintering to become micro-filter element, is recent years to replac PP, PE and so on Polymer membrance, ceramic, stainless steel, nickel filter cartridge ideal products, is a wide prospect of new material.

Details Usage

1/Liquid separation and purification, include pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry,

2/food industry,


4/ chemical industry,

5/ petrochemical industry,

6/ metallurgical industry

7/ gas purification.


Diameter: 60mm

Length:10”(250mm),20” (500mm),30”(750mm)

Interface form:

Thread type: M20(mm) interface M30, M36, M42, 215, 222, 226, Flat

Plug type:222,215,226,Flat pressure type and other non-standard interface
Filter Precision:0.22μm, 0.45μm,1μm,3μm,5μm, 10μm,20μm,30μm,50μm, 80μm,100μm.


- High porosity

- Small resistance

- Great permeability

- Resistan to high temperature and corrosion

- Easy regeneration