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Backpack Manufacturers

Backpack Manufacturers

Publish Time: 2017-01-03

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SY Backpack Manufacturer

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backpack manufacturers China SY BACKPACK & BAGS MANUFACTURER, CUSTOM school & laptop & sport & camera backpack, sports_gym bags, custom backpack manufacturers travel bags & handbags, cosmetic_toiletry_makeup bags, duffel bags. Material: leather,nylon,polyester,cotton,microfiber,satin,PVC. sport backpack manufacturers

Our daily use of the bag, the production of materials are fabric nylon, polyester, canvas, Oxford cloth; leather leather and synthetic leather; plastic PP, ABS, PC and so on. Bags of different functional design, the required material is also different, and reached the luggage effect is not the same. Then the luggage material, Oxford cloth and canvas which is more solid it?


Oxford cloth in the luggage material, is the use of relatively fine combed high-count yarn for the double, and the thick weft to weft-woven fabric interwoven, its versatile, soft color, fabric soft, breathable Good, and Oxford cloth easy to wash and dry, soft to the touch, good moisture absorption, wear resistance, but relative to the canvas, Oxford cloth waterproof relatively poor.


Oxford cloth bags and canvas which material is more solid yet


The canvas is a relatively thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric, the fabric is relatively thick, and relatively close, feel feels relatively hard, but the water resistance is strong, and compared to Oxford cloth, the canvas is more wear-resistant. The use of canvas fabric bags, the shortcomings of its own can not be avoided, such as canvas fabric permeability is not particularly good, not as good Oxford cloth impact performance, and canvas bags moisture poor performance.


Oxford cloth bags and canvas material is relatively strong wear-resistant material, but relatively speaking, canvas bags produced more than oxford cloth bags made of more wear-resistant. Then the custom of luggage, you can directly contact the love of free luggage, love free luggage focus on luggage production has been more than ten years, can be based on customer needs to choose Oxford cloth or canvas luggage!