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custom drawstring bags messenger bags

custom drawstring bags messenger bags

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SY Backpack Manufacturer

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Trolley case of hard shell and soft shell material which advantages and disadvantages


Soft case Trolley is generally choose fabric or leather, the main advantage is the overall quality is relatively light, portable carrying more convenient, flexible space is relatively large, can be stuffed into more objects, but most of the side of the use of zipper design, plug The object may be more likely to have the risk of burst box, and the relative impact of the soft box is more likely to be squeezed, the existence of the risk of extrusion damage.

Trolley case hard shell and soft shell material has its own advantages and disadvantages, in the choice of trolley case, the best combination of their own conditions to make a decision.

Boarding the wheels of the biggest purpose is to drag the box to relieve the force of the boarding box, can promote people to travel more easily and comfortably. And our daily use of the boarding box, the wheel has a one-way round, casters and other styles, then board the chassis one-way round and universal wheel What are the differences?


Boarding box Caster is relatively easy to use on relatively flat ground, with its own 360-degree omni-directional rotation, which can pass sideways through a relatively flat and narrow passageway, but the caster wheels Easy to be knocked off, because all the wheels are out of the device, and the caster cost more expensive, and in the uneven road, the caster is not easy to drag.


Boarding box one-way round and universal wheel What is the difference between it


The one-way wheel relative to the caster is more suitable for a variety of road conditions, the wheels larger, more robust, with its own stability and ability to better, such as in the rugged mountain road or dirt road to selec the one-way round , Boarding the box is relatively easy to pull up, so one-way round is more suitable for long-distance travel and outdoor activities, and one-way round than the caster durability, and cheap.