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candle making materials candle industry

candle making materials candle industry

Publish Time: 2017-01-05

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Numbers 55862
Packaging Ctn
Price 0.5
Specifications 150W Lifespan 10000 hours 1850mm Length
Product Code 150W Lifespan 10000 hours 1850mm Length
Place of Origin China

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??In the bedroom lit three or two sweet church candles, or placed a cluster of sparkling tea wax, will stir your senses to enjoy, so that everything is immersed in the candlelight. No one can deny that the candle on behalf of the romantic, especially the bright red candle issued by a small cluster of emotional Xing, will make your pulse speed, like to see a close lover. Place the candles in groups around the bed, or in front of the windows to enhance the soft and detailed light. You can use a variety of containers at home: simple glassware, colored bowls, flower pots, even biscuit jars, trays, can also be a collection of shiny candles containers. In order to make the display more personalized, but also in the ordinary candle to draw simple heart-shaped pattern.

??Candles should be used to display, rather than for collection. Will be a bunch of slender candles or tapered candles tied ribbon, and then to dry rose buds for embellishment, not only beautiful, but also scattered out a touch of fragrance. The candle on the water is also a very good match. Water glowing shimmer, such as beans candle fire suddenly flickering, floating water candle own a confusing beauty. Candles naturally float on the water, these shapes are simple, small candles can burn for a long time. With a clear and transparent glass bowl, you can sprinkle fresh water on the surface of the petals, or simple floating water around the candles sprinkle some fresh rose buds. Should be selected with the visual impact of the big flowers. Gerbera and Anemone shape out, colorful eye-catching, is the ideal choice.

??Candles and flowers are a wonderful match. Ordinary candles can be decorated on the surface or printed with simple flowers. In special occasions, you can plug in flowers indoors, and with the right candles, or decorated in the base of the candle to the corolla. The success of this element is the use of only one kind of flowers, so as not to add