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where to buy messenger bags

where to buy messenger bags

Publish Time: 2017-01-05

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SY Backpack Manufacturer

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Product Details

Numbers 72-63-9
Packaging Ctn
Price 1.3
Specifications white or off-white crystalline powder or liquid/fluid
Product Code 200-787-2
Place of Origin China
backpack manufacturers China SY BACKPACK & BAGS MANUFACTURER, CUSTOM school & laptop & sport & camera backpack, sports_gym bags, laptop backpack manufacturers travel bags & handbags, cosmetic_toiletry_makeup bags, duffel bags. Material: leather,nylon,polyester,cotton,microfiber,satin,PVC. school backpack manufacturers

Making luggage material selection is very diverse, even if the structural design, if the luggage material selection is different, it can show the effect is different. Then the production of bags, whether it is to choose pure PC or aluminum frame, the most important choice is the production of luggage manufacturers, while the love of free luggage to focus on customized custom luggage more than a dozen set, is a trusted manufacturer, may Bureau of customer wishes or requirements design or Research and development luggage products.

Today, many companies are very concerned about LOGO logo, because the LOGO is the representative of the enterprise. The LOGO logo design, in essence, not only to highlight the corporate image, but also highlight the strength of enterprises, therefore, enterprise LOGO design is essential. Then customize the backpack, from which areas can determine the backpack LOGO good or bad?


From what areas can determine the backpack LOGO is good or bad


First, judging from the design. Backpack LOGO design must be beautiful, and the backpack LOGO recognition should be clear, people can see at a glance.


Second, from the LOGO on the production process to determine. LOGO backpack production process mimeographed, embroidery, silk screen, and so on. Different processes, the effect is not the same. The more the LOGO logo, the more expensive the price, the effect is better.


Third, the LOGO material from the choice of judgments. General LOGO logo material made of plastic and metal parts, although the metal LOGO production process relative to the price of plastic is more expensive, but the hardware LOGO more beautiful appearance.