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custom drawstring backpack

custom drawstring backpack

Publish Time: 2017-01-05

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SY Backpack Manufacturer

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Numbers 50-41-9
Packaging Ctn
Price 1.3
Specifications white or off-white crystalline powder or liquid/fluid
Product Code
Place of Origin China
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Production of leather bags need to pay attention to accessories problems. Luggage accessories is the production of relatively heavy objects luggage, which can play the role of decoration, but also play a functional role. Such as functional metal zipper, LOGO, buckle and so on. The hardware accessories in the bags play a crowning touch, the effect is produced by the relevant technology, such as laser, plating, branding and so on.

Fabric is one of the three pieces of luggage, is the main body of the production of bags and auxiliary materials, then the following we learn about four bags of fabric to see what the four bags of fabric features!


First, plain weave fabric

Plain weave fabric is warp and weft yarn every other yarn woven once woven fabric, this fabric is more interwoven points, texture, strong, scratch-resistant wear, good ventilation, and the surface smooth, Anti-cloth effect the same, low prices.


Second, the twill fabric

Twill fabric is warp and weft yarn at least separated by two lines before weaving a woven fabric, the fabric is mainly to add latitude and longitude interwoven points, change the fabric structure. This fabric has positive and negative points, feel soft, high density fabric, the fabric is relatively thick.


What are the four bags of fabric features it


Third, jacquard fabric

Jacquard fabric is used to change the formation of the latitude and longitude of the flower case, the fine yarn and the raw materials required for high. The jacquard fabric with monochrome and multicolor weaving and dyeing process points, monochrome jacquard fabric is woven after dyeing, finished as a solid color; and multicolor jacquard fabric is first dyed weaving, dyeing generally have two or more, more Dimensional sense.