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custom jansport backpacks

custom jansport backpacks

Publish Time: 2017-01-05

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SY Backpack Manufacturer

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Numbers 89778-27-8
Packaging Ctn
Price 1.3
Specifications white or off-white crystalline powder or liquid/fluid
Product Code
Place of Origin China
backpack manufacturers China SY BACKPACK & BAGS MANUFACTURER, CUSTOM school & laptop & sport & camera backpack, sports_gym bags, laptop backpack manufacturers travel bags & handbags, cosmetic_toiletry_makeup bags, duffel bags. Material: leather,nylon,polyester,cotton,microfiber,satin,PVC. school backpack manufacturers

Fourth, the satin fabric

Satin satin fabric is composed of warp and weft yarn separated at least three weaving once satin weave fabric, this fabric density is relatively higher, more solid, but compared to plain weave and twill fabrics, the price is more expensive. The satin fabric texture is more soft, smooth and delicate fabric, and also rich luster.


Four bags of fabric characteristics have their own characteristics, and production of bags, the most important thing is to selec manufacturers. Xiaobian promised to look, love free luggage to focus on customized custom luggage has been more than 10 years, all kinds of fabrics are very familiar with luggage, customers can recommend affordable, texture and good fabric!

Small bags back into the kindergarten to learn, a small bag as a tool, its main role is to help children to install some necessities of life and school supplies, but also enhance the awareness of early childhood learning. Then the production of kindergarten bags, which material is better to use it?


Today, the production of kindergarten bags on the market a wide variety of fabrics, the price varies, such as cotton, leather, plastic materials and so on. The leather material is expensive leather fabric, a relatively poor quality, easy to break, cracks, Diaoqi of artificial leather materials. Production of kindergarten bags, the market is also easy to wire, broken chemical fiber bags, etc., these are not suitable for children to use.