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custom backpacks for kids

custom backpacks for kids

Publish Time: 2017-01-05

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SY Backpack Manufacturer

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Numbers 2322-77-2
Packaging Ctn
Price 1.3
Specifications white or off-white crystalline powder or liquid/fluid
Product Code 219-034-4
Place of Origin China
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Second, PC polycarbonate

PC polycarbonate material is a transparent amorphous plastic resin, which has a good overall performance and thermoplastic, in a high temperature environment and low temperature state of long-term storage, and its own is also a good waterproof Abrasion resistance, but the PC itself is not strong, which may be scratched.

Cutting process is indispensable in the production of a process bag, the cutting of the open cut technology will directly determine the quality of luggage. Therefore, the luggage bag making process is very critical in the production of a step. So in this, Xiao Bian bring you to know the handbag cut and cut the process of opening and cutting the machine cut.


Bags cut the craft of manual cutting


First, the manual open cut: luggage cutting technology is extremely demanding, so the operation of the technical staff of the cut very high, not only requires the operator in the production process to be extremely skilled, but also requires careful operation of the operator, Careful, careful.

Second, the machine open cut: Compared to the manual open cut, the machine is much simpler to open the cut, because the machine generally only cut in accordance with the shape of the blade mold and the pressure of the machine can complete the cutting process bags, and the machine open Cut out relative to the hand more neat, faster, but the cost of cutting machine is relatively high, more suitable for mass production.

Bags production cutting process, whether it is to choose a manual cut or cut the machine cut, need to choose according to their own conditions. If small-batch production of bags, then consider manual cut, on the contrary, consider the choice of machine cut.