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custom back packs backpack personalized

custom back packs backpack personalized

Publish Time: 2017-01-05

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SY Backpack Manufacturer

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Numbers 55862
Packaging Ctn
Price 1.3
Specifications 100W
Product Code 100W
Place of Origin China
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People's daily use of the bag, in addition to purses, backpacks, Messenger bag, handbags, there are suitcases. Luggage as a daily necessities of large objects, large-capacity luggage, not only convenient, practical, but also in the course of the use of very comfortable and comfortable. But what are the material suitcase? Here to know what material produced by the five suitcases have what advantages.


Five materials custom trolley advantages


First, PP polypropylene

PP is a semi-crystalline polymer thermoplastic material, this material itself has a strong impact resistance, flexibility, corrosion resistance, etc., so PP is a good material for luggage.


Second, PC polycarbonate

PC is a very good performance of the amorphous thermoplastic resin, its price is not only low, but also has its own good stability, corrosion resistance, high temperature and cold resistance. So PC is the choice of plastic bags material choice.


Third, EVA vinyl ester

EVA is a common daily copolymer material, its own has many advantages, such as flexibility, compression, shock, slip, etc., is a good choice for making luggage materials.


Fourth, PVC vinyl

PVC is a non-crystalline copolymer material. PVC on the oxidant, reducing agent and strong acid has a strong resistance, and its manufacturing cost is relatively low, is very suitable for the choice of luggage material.


5, ABS propylene - butadiene - styrene

ABS is a high strength, toughness of the thermoplastic polymer material, which not only has the heat resistance and acrylonitrile resistance, butadiene toughness and impact resistance, as well as the very nature of styrene and processing , Is also very suitable for the production of luggage materials.