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how to make a drawstring backpack

how to make a drawstring backpack

Publish Time: 2017-01-05

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Numbers 171596-29-5
Packaging Ctn
Price 1.3
Specifications white or off-white crystalline powder or liquid/fluid
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Place of Origin China
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Five materials produced by the trunk of the biggest advantages and common is the waterproof performance is extremely strong, therefore, if the production of luggage, to combine their own needs, and then with a variety of luggage material advantages or disadvantages of contrast, and finally choose the best material as Luggage production materials.

Year-end asymptotic, the companies are doing the end of the year-end performance of the final effort, but also for the staff end of the year busy goods. Then the end of enterprise employees to send what kind of gift the best? Backpack customization, is a favorite enterprise is a gift of welfare, but also the best year-end employee welfare products choice.


Backpack as a staff welfare choice, on the one hand, relative to other food-related backpack benefits are more practical, applicability, convenience, because the function, the backpack can be installed items. Second, backpack custom, the enterprise can add enterprise LOGO design, so, in the use of the process in the backpack, but also for enterprises to do simple publicity.


Backpack customization of the best employee benefits


Therefore, the backpack customization, is the best year-end employee welfare choice. The custom backpack, is the need to cooperate with the luggage manufacturers. To cooperate with the luggage manufacturers, first of all need to meet several requirements, such as the size of factory buildings, design capabilities, production strength level, and whether the integrity of the manufacturers operating.


Backpack customization, love free luggage is a good choice, the preferred love of free luggage has more than 200 skilled production staff, professional team of designers, and domestic cooperation with the perennial well-known enterprises, such as CNOOC, TCL, Dell, Baidu Wait. Therefore, the custom backpack as the best year-end employee welfare choice, the preferred love of free luggage manufacturers custom.

Travel bags in people's daily lives, has long been playing an extremely important role, the general use of travel bags, its main function is to install large items and items to protect, then the production of travel bags, is the choice of canvas or plastic is good?