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high temperature nickel alloy powder sintered metal filter

high temperature nickel alloy powder sintered metal filter

Publish Time: 2015-07-07

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Industry: Minerals & Metallurgy»Steel Sheets

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Product Details

Numbers fmt5454545
Packaging wooden case
Price 450
Specifications OD60*3*1000MM
Product Code FM45r4r
Place of Origin baoji

High-temperature alloy Inconel600 filter elements parts
Material quality

S304 S304L S316 S316L

Compressive strength





1)Channel crisscrossed,High temperature resistance,resistance to thermal shock.

2)Corrosion resistant,applicable to a variety of acid alkali and corrosive medium,

Stainless steel filter can resist the corrosion of acid and alkali and organic matter,

especially suitable for sour gas filtration.

3)High strength, good toughness, suitable for high pressure environment.

4)weldable,easy loading and unloading.

5)Hole shape stability, uniform distribution, guarantee the stability of filtering


6)The regeneration performance is good.

7)Filtration performance after repeated washing of regeneration to restore

morethan 90%

Work environment

Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, 5% hydrochloric

acid,molten sodium, liquid hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, acetylene,

water vapor,hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas


1)High pressure filter medium;oilfield oil sands separation;

2)Machinery, ships, fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic start oil filter;

3)Chemical industry, chemical plants process;

4)High temperature gas dust removal; filter food; medical filter;

5)Water treatment and distribution,gas distributionsystem

Sintered Metal 316 Stainless Steel Filter Disc, 1/2 Diameter

Custom Made Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Disc

1.S304 S304L S316 S316L

plate 0.6-10mm , width<340mm


3.Max lenght 1000mmStandard


mainly applied to the separation and purification of solid-liquid, gas-liquid and gas-solid in the petrifaction, hydraulic manufacturing and medical apparatus and instruments of basic industries.

Packaging Detail: Wooden cases or according to your requirements