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compressed magic melamine sponge with pu of daily necessity product

compressed magic melamine sponge with pu of daily necessity product

Publish Time: 2017-09-06

Region: China(Mainland)»HeNan Province

Industry: Home & Garden»Household Cleaning Tools


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Product Details

Numbers En1708676
Packaging opp bags or as you like
Price USD0.02/piece
Specifications 10*7*3cm
Product Code En1708676
Place of Origin Henan, China

Excellent white compressed sponge Nano foam magic eraser sponge for household cleaning Melamine foam is a kind of low density, high rate of empty, flexible foam plastics.Has excellent flame retardant, sound absorption, insulating and stays are widely applied to improve the sound quality, noise control, the demand of heat insulation construction, industry, transportation, aerospace, mechanical and electrical, home appliances, electronic products, apparel fabrics, household cleaning supplies, and other fields.

Product features:

1.High flame retardant:

no need to add flame retardant can reach DIN4102B1 level in Germany.The United States UL - 96 - v - a level 0 high flame retardant material standards.After contact with open flame on the surface of the burning body form dense to stop burning coke layer, no drip, non-toxic gas release, smoke density is less than 15, self-extinguishing away from the fire.

2.Strong absorption ability:

the opening rate is as high as 95% above that sound waves can be convenient and effective into foam and go deep into the vibration of the grid can be consumed and absorb, and effectively eliminate the reflection wave.

Good heat insulation: the opening rate is as high as 95% above, the three dimensional grid structure make the air convection heat transfer effectively block.Temperature resistance is strong, suitable for long-term work in 0-165 ° C to 180 ° C under working condition, - 165 ° C to 400 ° C no decomposition and deformation phenomenon.the product yield at 4, 12 km/m3, is by far the most light plastic foam.

Compressed sponge advantages:

1.higher density

2.more flexibility

3. more durable

4.better felling by hand

5.powerful cleaning capability.

How to use?

You should know the correct way to use the magic melamine sponge. The more appropriate you use, the longer it can be used.

Step 1:wet the sponge with water

Step 2:gently squeeze the extra water.

Step 3:gently wipe the need to clean the parts.

Step 4:wipe the surface with dry cloth.

Step 5:will use the magic sponge into the water after soaking, dont have to rub, dirty can dissolve out, repeatedly use again.