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In fact, this mistrust is not only reflected in the industry and trade enterprises, and even between the industry and commerce administrative departments, that is, between industry and commerce departments. This mistrust has a long history, is the old monopoly of foreign trade, industry and trade caused by out of touch. However, the current lack of elimination of such distrust conditions. The greatest distrust is manifested in the lack of transparency and market comparison between the distribution of benefits between industry and trade. The reasonable profits of the trade and industry enterprises can only be achieved through fair competition in a sound and open market system. Without this condition, reasonable profits can not be produced, but can not measure, the distribution of opacity is inevitable. The trust between industry and trade is not only the concept, but also an objective basis. The basis is that both sides can be through the market to assess the behavior of each other, to master the conditions of dialogue with each other. Trade and industry is a contradictory two aspects, contradictory opposition is inevitable, and strive to find the unity of the contradiction between the two sides have a positive role. Industry and trade is the implementation of the agency of the two basic subjects, no matter which side of the problem, the agency system is difficult to implement. (4) the laws and regulations are not perfect China's agency system in the "General Principles of Civil Law", Article 63 of the law provides: "citizens, legal persons can be through the agent to implement civil legal acts in the agent within the authority, In the name of the implementation of civil legal acts by the agent of the agent's agent, bear civil liability. "From this provision, we can summarize the agent of the two main legal characteristics: (1) Acting behavior is to be agents ; (2) The consequences of the rights and obligations arising from the act of proxy are directly borne by the agent. "General Principles of Civil Law" is the basic law of China's adjustment of civil relations, and its provisions on the agency reflect the main legislative status of the Chinese agency system and the scope of the concept of agency. But China's foreign trade agency practice has broken through this concept. "Interim Provisions" has not yet covered the contents of the "General Principles of Civil Law" in the agency system. (5) the lack of appropriate economic environment and conditions First of all, the national unified market environment is imperfect, fragmented and protectionism is very serious, both affect cross-industry, cross-regional business, but also affect the fair and fair to be resolved. ,

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