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Purchasing Agent In China

Purchasing Agent In China

Publish Time: 2017-10-11

Region: China(Mainland)»ZheJiang Province

Industry: Business Services»General Trade Agents

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Second, the domestic economic contract performance rate is not high, financial settlement discipline is not strict, triangular and multi-angle debt arrears serious. In this economic order under the conditions of foreign trade enterprises to implement agency business, the agent signed after the international practice must bear the responsibility of the behavior, but the commission can be due to economic changes and "reward." Third, in a sense, the agency system is the shortage of foreign trade enterprises to transfer the difficulties of the production enterprises, and China's production enterprises have the original financial difficulties are also prominent, the lack of procurement from raw materials to export earnings during the advance funds The In other circumstances the same circumstances, the general implementation of foreign trade agency system for the production enterprises is to increase the financial burden. Because of this, in practice, even in the form of agency exports, foreign trade enterprises still need to come up with 10 to 30% of the funds (or more) as a deposit, affecting the foreign trade enterprises agent initiative. Third, some thinking (a) to speed up the system reform, change their thinking, deepen the understanding of the agency system. The reform of foreign trade enterprises is the basis for the implementation of foreign trade agency system. It is necessary to establish a modern enterprise system of state-owned foreign trade professional companies to adapt to the market economy as soon as possible, and to straighten out the relationship between foreign trade enterprises and government departments so as to truly realize "self-management and self-financing". At present, China's foreign trade rights are often linked to the scale of enterprises, and the strength of large enterprises are fully capable of their own foreign trade business, so the market can be very limited agent, only to speed up the liberalization of foreign trade, so that a large number of small and medium enterprises to obtain foreign trade The right to operate, foreign trade agency market will be formed. To promote the agency system is to promote enterprise reform, so that enterprises as soon as possible to adapt to the external situation has been changed and foreign trade environment, as soon as possible to adapt to the socialist market economic system, improve competitiveness. The agency system does not and should not become the government's administrative order, but the government's help and guidance to corporate behavior. (B) improve the legislation for China's trade agency to provide a complete legal basis.

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