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It is necessary to establish a legal provision to clarify the rights and obligations between the agent and the agent in order to avoid the agent only charge a small amount of commission, but to bear the risk of 100% of the unfair phenomenon, thereby enhancing the agents of the agency's enthusiasm, And the resulting disputes. Strengthen the protection of intangible assets, such as foreign trade companies, sales, customers and so on. To prevent the client over the river bridge, the introduction of the termination of the contract and the system of compensation for the deadline for the agency contract should be provided for any termination of the contract must be a reasonable period of time. After the termination of the contract, if the client is still in contact with the agent to maintain business contacts, the agent has the right to request a certain amount of compensation, and the client also has the right to limit the agent within a certain period of time to continue in the contract area, Within the scope of the original customer engaged in activities with the client's goods. (C) to strengthen the government's macro-coordination capacity for the implementation of the agency system to create a good environment and conditions. In the transitional period in which the old and new systems have not yet been fully transformed and the operation mechanism of the socialist market economy is being established, the implementation of the foreign trade agency system which needs adequate market regulation will have to rely on the macro coordination ability of the government departments.

Acting market competition depends on foreign trade enterprises in the market development capacity, financing capacity and service capabilities. But the old foreign trade system and long-term national policy protection so that many foreign trade enterprises lack of accumulation, rely on loans to operate, did not establish their own international sales network, and even did not enter an international sales network, and mainly rely on international agents. Such foreign trade enterprises in the operating costs and market development capabilities are not an advantage, the implementation of agency system is very difficult. And the existence of this situation is not individual, in view of this, the Government should take some measures to help foreign trade enterprises to establish advantages. This is also the measures adopted by many countries to expand foreign trade. (4) to strengthen the close relationship between the principal and the agent in the form of a capital combination.

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