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As mentioned above, the agent system in practice encountered a major problem is the principal and the agent between the interests of inconsistencies, it is difficult to avoid the use of the client's authorization to engage in activities with the client's interests inconsistent, thus Resulting in the loss of the interests of the client. In order to reduce this loss, in addition to the establishment of a sound and open agency market system as soon as possible, but also through the way of capital combination, so that the client has an effective monitoring and incentive ability, so that both sides have a common basis for the interests. This may be the development of foreign trade agency system is a more effective way.

What are the international sourcing agent

????Core content: driven by economic globalization, China and foreign economic activities are frequent, and the emergence of agents to better solve the transaction between buyers and sellers. Here, will introduce the agent is what, what types of agents, exclusive agency agreement is what, how to use the agency, the law express Xiaobian hope to help you. International trade agency approach 1, the basic concept of international trade in the agency (Agency), mainly refers to the sales agent. Exporters and foreign agents to reach an agreement. By the exporter as a principal, authorized agent on behalf of exporters to sell goods, signed a contract, the resulting rights and obligations directly to the client effect. The agent shall act within the scope authorized by the client, do not bear the risk and expense of the sale, and shall not advance the commission of the agreed proportion of the amount of the transaction, regardless of the profit or loss of the transaction. 2, the type of agent According to the delegate granted to the authority of the different agents, sales agents can be divided into the following: (1) the general agent (General Agent). Is the sole representative of the client. In the designated area, on behalf of the client engaged in sales activities and other wide range of business activities. (2) Exclusive Agent (Exclusive Agent or Sale Agent). In the time stipulated in the agency agreement, the agent who enjoys the franchise of the designated commodity, that is, the client shall not sell it on its own or through other agents. (3) general agent (Agent). Refers to agents who do not enjoy the exclusive agent franchise, the client can also commission a number of agents in the same area to sell the same goods.

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