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3, the exclusive agency agreement

An agency agreement with a franchise is an exclusive agency agreement. Its main contents are as follows: (1) the basic relationship between the two sides. The relationship between the exporting party and the agent is the principal-agent relationship. The agent shall act within the scope of the authorization of the principal and shall be honest and faithful to the principal. The principal shall bear the civil liability for the agent's act within the above-mentioned scope. (2) agents of goods, regions and duration. The principal's authorization to the agent should specify the type and model of the sales of the goods, and the sole agent must clarify the geographical scope of the business and agree on the validity period of the agency agreement or provide for the suspension of the terms. (3) franchise. In the above range, the client undertakes that the sole agent designated as the sole agent of the transaction with the buyer, if the principal and the buyer directly transaction, the transaction amount should be paid to the exclusive agent commission, whether to grant the franchise is the exclusive agent The main difference with the general agent. (4) commission terms. The agency agreement must specify the commission rate, the time and method of paying the commission. The commission rate can be linked to the amount or amount of turnover. (5) the minimum turnover. The sole agent is usually committed to the minimum number or amount of the transaction. If the amount is not met, the client has the right to suspend the agreement or adjust the commission rate according to the agreement. (6) Business report. The agent is obliged to provide the client with a business report on a regular or irregular basis to enable the client to understand the local market situation and the performance of the agent. Whether to provide a reasonable business report is an important basis for assessment agents. 4, the use of agents Exporters commissioned agents to sell goods, mainly the use of agents familiar with the sales market, a wide range of sales channels. In particular, it is important to note that the goodwill of the agent plays an important role in the sale of goods and even the image of the export enterprise. Choose an agent, not only focus on his sales ability, but also should pay attention to the existing goodwill agents. The current international market, there are many multinational companies into the field of sales agents, how to use the good reputation of multinational companies to open up the market for our enterprises, is a worthy of research topics.

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