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Kitchen Usage Necessity Magic Nano Eraser Sponge

Kitchen Usage Necessity Magic Nano Eraser Sponge

Publish Time: 2017-10-19

Region: China(Mainland)»HeNan Province

Industry: Home & Garden»Household Cleaning Tools

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Product Details

Numbers En101808
Packaging opp bags with card or not
Price USD0.13/piece
Specifications 11*7*3cm
Product Code En101808
Place of Origin Henan, China

Magic sponge, also called magic nano eraser, or melamine sponge, is a kind of pure white multarticulate body with special structure made by new nanotechnology. It is a kind of environment-friendly cleaning product of 21th century, characterized by tastelessness, innocuity, and harmlessness. Each granule so tiny that ten thousands would fit on a hair.

Different from traditional cleaning sponge, magic nano eraser can absorb blots automatically and physically. Its capillary-pore structure can remove stubborn stains effectively without any chemical detergent. The antibacterial action is also amazing with only water. Suitable for uneven surface, time saving, labor saving, water saving, and no scratches, it is your best choice in housework.

Quality authentication: we have passed the SGS safe&healthy test.

Why choose [Magic Nano Eraser"?

1.Magic power in cleaning ,just need water.

2.Eco-friendly, no need detergent.

3.Cut into all kinds of shapes.

4.Removes all kinds of stain or dirt.

5.For use on Stainless Steel, Leather, China, Corning-ware, Plastic and tile.

6.Protect hands, no need detergent.

7.Time, labor and water saving.

How to use[Magic Nano Eraser"?

1.wet Magic nano eraser, within the clean water, without detergent.

2.get rid of excess water.

3.rub gently to remove dirt and stains.

4.After using, clean it up with water and dry it out.

Where to use magic nano eraser?

1. House furnishing products: tea set, bowl and plate, plastic, glass, sofa, leather shoes, sports shoes, wall, floor, switch panel, door and window, table and chair, children`s toys, etc.

2. Household electrical appliances: telephone, air conditioner, fans, electric cooker, washing machine, etc.

3. Bathroom products: mirror, table-board, bathtub, ceramic tile, closes tool, etc.

4. Ironware: tap, finger bowl, vegetable plate, pendant, handles, etc.

5. Office supplies: computer, telephone, fax, copier, tables and chair, cabinet, etc.

6. Car applicants: leather sheath for seats, car glass, the proscenium of the car.


1. Do not ingest. (if ingested seek immediate medical attention)

2. Do not rub in skin or on animals body.

3. Do not wring. Just press and keep it dry.

Why choose us?

1.We can also made compressed melamine sponge.

2.we can offer you the reasonable price.

3.We provide free samples.

4.We can provide different colors magic nano eraser sponges.