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Potato Starch Processing Line

Potato Starch Processing Line

Publish Time: 2018-01-27

Region: China(Mainland)»HeNan Province

Industry: Agriculture»Grain

Keywords: potato starch processing potato starch machinery potato starch processing line 

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Energy Saving Potato Starch Processing Line

In the processing of potato starch, it is vital to complete the whole process within the shortest time possible, since as soon as the roots have been dug up, as well as during each of the subsequent stages of manufacture, enzymatic processes are apt to develop with a deteriorating effect on the quality of the end product.

The Description of Potato Starch Processing Line Henan Doing provide:

Fresh Potato → Potato Cleaning → Grinding → Centrifuge Sieve → Desanding → Hydrocyclone → Dewatering → Drying

1. Feeding and Transfer

2. Cleaning

Mainly used for washing process to remove sand, stone or other impurities.

3. Grinding: to crush the cassava tuber into pulp and cassava cake

4. Centrifugal extracting

Separate plasm and dregs, mainly used to remove fibre and other impurities from potato pulp.

5. Desanding: To remove sand or other sundries.

6. Concentration and refining

Working through the hydro-cyclone, there are 2 steps including concentration and refining so that we can get purier starch slurry.

7. Vacuum dewatering: Widely used for separation of suspension in starch processing, after dehydration starch content water below 38%.

8. Air steam flash drying : in order to get the dry potato starch.

Henan Doing Company can provide you the high quality potato starch processing line machine and the technology support.

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