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Native Bovine Protein Phosphatase 2A1

Native Bovine Protein Phosphatase 2A1

Publish Time: 2018-03-20

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Industry: Chemicals»Vitamins, Amino Acids And Coenzymes


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Protein Phosphatase 2A1 is a trimer consisting of the A, B, and C subunits of the PP2A family. It has a total molecular weight of 192 kDa. Protein Phosphatase 2A is a cytoplasmic protein, which colocalizes with mictotubule proteins and is involved in the dephosphorylation of the tau protein and oncoprotein 18. Protein Phosphatase 2A1 binds to polymerized microtubule proteins and may be targeted by tubulin in modulating phosphatase activity.