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mineral wool insulation manufacturers

mineral wool insulation manufacturers

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Shining Co., Ltd

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Suzhou Shining Co., Ltd is a professional Exporter & Manufacturer of heat insulation mineral fiber ceiling board tiles, Mineral Wool Board, acoustic ceiling tiles Mineral Fiber Board, Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles. More than 20 years experience, welcome to contact us. mineral fiber board

Sound-absorbing material which is good


1, wood acoustic panels. Wood sound-absorbing panels are based on the principle of refined processing of acoustics, from finishes, core materials and sound-absorbing mat composition, sub-slot wood sound absorption board and acoustic board wood two.

2, mineral wool acoustic panels. Mineral wool sound-absorbing panels in the form of surface-rich, plate has a strong decorative effect. The knurled mineral wool board, commonly known as the "Caterpillar", is covered with holes, which have different depths, shapes and diameters.

3, cloth sound-absorbing panels. Cloth sound-absorbing panels - the core material is centrifugal glass wool. Centrifugal glass wool as a long-term widely used in the world of acoustic materials, proved to have excellent sound absorption performance.

4, polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels. Its raw materials 100% polyester fiber, with sound-absorbing, environmental protection, fire-retardant, heat insulation, moisture, moisture, mildew, easy to dust, easy cutting, mosaic, construction is simple, good stability, impact resistance Good, cost-effective advantages, is an ideal sound-absorbing decorative materials.

5, the proliferation of sound-absorbing panels. In addition to all the features of a planar sound-absorbing plate, it can also conduct acoustic waves at different angles through its three-dimensional surface, eliminating blind spots in the diffusion process, improving sound quality, balancing sound, trimming, attenuating treble, .

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