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wool board

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Suzhou Shining Co., Ltd is a professional Exporter & Manufacturer of heat insulation mineral fiber ceiling board tiles, Mineral Wool Board, acoustic ceiling tiles Mineral Fiber Board, Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles. More than 20 years experience, welcome to contact us. mineral fiber ceiling tiles

Mineral wool board production of raw materials


Mineral wool production of the main raw materials are varied.

(1) industrial waste. Iron ore slag, non-ferrous smelting slag, etc .; belong to the acidic industrial waste residue of red brick, iron slag, fly ash, cyclone slag, and so on.

(2) some igneous rocks. Such as basalt, diabase, gabbro, granite, diorite, quartzite, andesite, etc., these rocks are acidic mineral wool board

(3) flux. Such as limestone, dolomite, etc., they are alkaline flux.

The above raw materials should be in accordance with the mineral wool acidity coefficient requirements, acid and alkali with the ingredients calculated, according to a certain percentage of furnace melting.

What are the characteristics of mineral wool board


???????Known as the office, shopping malls and other places of the ceiling mineral wool board is the best choice. The advantages of mineral wool board, insulation, noise reduction, environmental protection and so on. There is also a feature that have to say, is reflective properties of mineral wool board. Mineral wool board reflective characteristics of a wide range of applications, such as auditorium, restaurant, banquet hall and so on. Compared to ordinary wood materials, mineral wool reflective material has the advantage of saving the cost of lighting.

???Reflectance represents the ratio of surface reflectance of the object measured by ASTME 1477 (Reflectometry). In general, industrial requirements Kuangmian board average is 0.70 to 0.80, the reflective value of more than 0.84 belong to the high-reflective products. Direct Light Source Lighting System: The main advantage of a direct light source lighting system is its relatively low initial cost, but in large spaces such as workplaces, particularly open office areas or stairrooms.

???Reflectivity has become an important indicator of the selection of building materials, often using high-reflective mineral wool board to improve the utilization of indirect lighting. In addition to these mineral wool board can enhance the lighting effects, there are other design features. High-reflectance products are also highly sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing, you do not need to make a choice between the aesthetic and sound-absorbing properties.

???Mineral wool board compared to ordinary wood has a high reflective characteristics, high reflection can make the light more reflection, resulting in mirror effect, can save a lot of energy costs.

???Mineral wool board as an important aspect of the indoor environment, in the selection of mineral wool board ceiling materials need to consider the reflection factor. High reflectivity mineral wool board products can effectively enhance the indirect light exposure, while reducing energy consumption, but also can create a warm and comfortable working environment, effectively improve work efficiency and reduce visual fatigue.

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