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mineral wool price

mineral wool price

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Suzhou Shining Co., Ltd is a professional Exporter & Manufacturer of heat insulation mineral fiber ceiling board tiles, Mineral Wool Board, acoustic ceiling tiles Mineral Fiber Board, Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles. More than 20 years experience, welcome to contact us. mineral fiber ceiling board

Mineral wool board ceiling why it will fall


Mineral wool board ceiling Why would it fall? Many people have such doubts, here Xiaobian Kuangmian board manufacturers to do some detailed explanation:

In the marketing mode to take an international network of sales, that is: North New Building materials production products, dealers from all over the completion of sales, so that not only cost savings, but also make full use of local network relations . In the large-scale project bidding, service and business negotiations, we are directly involved in business negotiations, service commitment, program development, the specific supply commissioned dealers implementation.

This and the mineral wool board itself, as well as the quality of the ceiling to install a combination of a great relationship. Because the mineral wool board is a variety of specifications, basically 600 * 600mm of this grid board are rarely subsidence, because the lacquer will be lap around the lap, the sunken pad of mineral wool plate is more serious now bar Plate, 300/600 * 1200/1500 / 1800mm, etc., which in the lap keel, the combination must be a good lap, and because the force area is too large, the quality requirements of the plate is relatively high.

Subsidence is the main manifestation of anti-tidal deflection of mineral wool board, the production of mineral wool board production requirements are relatively high. Moisture-resistant properties of the better mineral wool board, the lower the possibility of subsidence. Therefore, if the fear of mineral wool board subsidence, we must choose a good quality mineral wool board, state regulations, mineral wool board center subsidence is not more than 3.5mm are qualified. In the office building ceiling, our common mineral wool ceiling ceiling use problem is mineral wool acoustic board subsidence deformation and discoloration, which not only seriously affected the overall appearance of the ceiling ceiling, there are some security risks, more serious is to shorten the mine Cotton board life.

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