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mineral wool blanket insulation

mineral wool blanket insulation

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Suzhou Shining Co., Ltd is a professional Exporter & Manufacturer of heat insulation mineral fiber ceiling board tiles, Mineral Wool Board, acoustic ceiling tiles Mineral Fiber Board, Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles. More than 20 years experience, welcome to contact us. mineral fiber ceiling board

What is the difference between mineral wool board and aluminum buckle?


Mineral wool board is mainly made of mineral fiber cotton as raw material for production, has a very good sound absorption and the effect of insulation, and its appearance with the effect of embossing and embossing, patterns are the stars, caterpillars, mineral wool board Can be sound insulation, insulation, fire, all kinds of products are not asbestos, the body does not have any harm, but also has the function of anti-subsidence, mineral wool is slag by high temperature melting by high-speed centrifuge floc flutter, Pollution-free, belonging to a class of turning waste into treasure, enabling the environment of green building materials. Mineral wool sound-absorbing board is made of mineral wool as the main raw material processing of new environmentally friendly building materials, with decoration, sound-absorbing and other functions. Mineral wool board is made of slag cotton as the main raw material, plus the right amount of additives, through the ingredients, molding, drying, cutting processes like the processing.

Lvkou Ban is mainly used as a core layer of plastic, aluminum paste outside the three-tier composite sheet, can be applied in the appearance of decorative or protective coating, the selection of aluminum plate is not important to the thickness of the plate, the material is Very important, home plate 0.6 mm also on the line, which is the difference between the two.

What is the moisture resistance of mineral wool board?


Our common use of mineral wool ceiling ceiling is the collapse of the mineral wool board deformation and discoloration, especially indoor air humid swimming pool area, shower room, dressing room, special production areas (such as textile mills) and buildings are not completely sealed place Resulting in ordinary mineral wool board sagging or depression. This not only seriously affected the overall appearance of the ceiling ceiling, there are some security risks, more serious is to shorten the life of Kuangmian board. So the ceiling has always been the appearance of color and whether the effective moisture and anti-subsidence, ceiling is one of the most important criteria to measure.

Mineral wool board moisture-proof material selection and construction tips: Most of China's north temperate and subtropical, mild climate, four distinct seasons. Is a continental monsoon climate and subtropical monsoon climate. From April to September each year, warm and humid summer monsoon winds from the eastern and southern seas, generally hot and rainy. The relative humidity in each region is the highest in summer, often exceeding the local average of 30%. In buildings with continuous contact with outdoor air, mineral wool board should be selected to meet the requirements of moisture-proof products. How to avoid the sinking of mineral wool board under the premise of controlling the quality of mineral wool board? Damage to the beauty of space, more fragile or falling, vulnerable to pollution and reduce the reflective degree.

The moisture-proof property of the mineral wool board is reflected in the damp environment of the mineral wool board does not produce subsidence deformation, the mineral wool ceiling moisture-proof anti-subsidence performance indicators, the only applicable is the national "mineral cotton decorative sound-absorbing panels" ; In the mineral wool board for the wet environment, the center subsidence shall not exceed 3.5mm, or as the mineral wool board in the use of the process of deflection deformation, as substandard products. Kuangmian board in the Kuangmian board raw materials and production processes on the strict checks to improve the production of innovative technology in the moisture-proof anti-sabot of the board of the performance of strict compliance with national standards.

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