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accoustic tiles

accoustic tiles

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Suzhou Shining Co., Ltd is a professional Exporter & Manufacturer of heat insulation mineral fiber ceiling board tiles, Mineral Wool Board, acoustic ceiling tiles Mineral Fiber Board, Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles. More than 20 years experience, welcome to contact us. mineral fiber board

What is the difference between mineral wool board and rock wool board?


???(1) What is mineral wool board?

Kuangmian board generally refers to mineral wool decorative sound-absorbing panels. Granular cotton as the main raw material by adding other additives made of high pressure steam cutting, non-asbestos, fire sound-absorbing performance.

Mineral wool board is made of mineral fiber cotton as raw material, the biggest feature is a good sound absorption, heat insulation effect. Its surface has the effect of knurling and embossing, patterns are stars, caterpillars, crucifera, center flower, walnut pattern, stripes and so on. Mineral wool board to noise, heat insulation, fire prevention, any products are not asbestos, harmless to the human body, and anti-subsidence function.

(2) mineral wool board uses

Mineral wool acoustic board has the advantages of sound absorption, nonflammable, heat insulation, decoration and other superior performance, widely used in a variety of architectural ceiling, wall decoration; such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, office space, studio, studio , Computer rooms and industrial buildings. The product can control and adjust the reverberation time, improve indoor sound quality, reduce noise, improve the living environment and working conditions, while the non-flammable properties of the product, can meet the architectural design of fire protection requirements.


Rock wool board and mineral wool board is made of two different materials, rock wool board is basalt, diabase production, mineral wool board is produced with mineral wool, as the insulation material, its effect is the same, as Decorative materials are two completely different things. Basalt is made of pressed silk rock wool board. Mineral fiber cotton processing is made of mineral wool board, although both have the effect of fire insulation, but its decorative effect is not the same. Mineral wool board decorative effect is better, rich patterns, can be very good to meet the needs of consumers.

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