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mineral fiber blanket

mineral fiber blanket

Publish Time: 2018-06-08

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Suzhou Shining Co., Ltd is a professional Exporter & Manufacturer of heat insulation mineral fiber ceiling board tiles, Mineral Wool Board, acoustic ceiling tiles Mineral Fiber Board, Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles. More than 20 years experience, welcome to contact us. mineral fiber ceiling board

The main role of mineral wool board


?Mineral wool's strong reflective ability, can effectively improve the indoor light, maintain vision, eliminate fatigue. High reflectivity can indirectly reduce the cost of electricity consumption, up to 18% 25% mineral wool excellent insulation, heat insulation performance can reduce the maximum cooling, heating costs, the maximum can reduce the cost of 30% 45% cost.

High-quality mineral wool: the use of high-quality slag as raw materials, refined into a spherical sponge; composite fibers: the use of organic fibers and inorganic fibers common use; nano-antibacterial agent: the use of nano-technology production of ultra-fine particles antibacterial agent, can penetrate into all Moisture-proof treatment: the use of moisture-proof moisture-proof agent and auxiliary combination of the use of prevention and control of the new concept of moisture-proof; moisture-proof basis for the Coating: the appearance of the use of high-quality anti-mildew-based coating of ethylene, with anti-oxidation, adhesion stability, anti-mildew function, the coating (coating), anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion coating; Add fire retardant, can effectively prevent the spread of fire, greatly improving the fire performance of the product; perlite: Add a fire insulation function of expanded perlite.

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