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Electromagnetic flow meter

Electromagnetic flow meter

Publish Time: 2018-10-04

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Product Details

Numbers 1
Packaging Carton box
Price according to the specifications
Specifications water flow meter,liquid flow meter
Product Code SHD
Place of Origin China

The price of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the specifications of the flow sensor size. The corrosiveness of the medium is selected from the electrode material. The lining material is selected. The main material is sprayed with stainless steel or carbon steel. The price and price of different specifications and materials are different. The installation method is integrated on the flange. Whether it is split installation, plug-in installation or clamp-on installation, etc.

Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of inductional instrument designed by Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction to measure flow of conductive media in the tube. It adopts the technology of insertion of single chip to realize digital excitation and employs CAN local fieldbus.

Magnetic inductive flow meter can realize local indication and output electrical current signal of 4-20mA which can be used to record, adjust and control. Mag meter is industrial flow meter; it can be used in environmental protection, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper making, water supply (magnetic water meter) etc.

Besides measuring flow of general conductive liquid, magnet meter can measure flow of liquid-solid mixed fluid, high-viscosity fluid and salt, strong acid and strong alkali to be used as chemical flow meter, sanitary flow meter or sewage flow meter. We are supplier for full bore electromagnetic flow meter.

As China magnetic flow meter manufacturer, the magnetic flow meter price is reasonable, custom magnetic meter also with fast delivery time due to abundant flow meter spare parts in our warehouse.

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