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Thermal mass flow meter

Thermal mass flow meter

Publish Time: 2018-10-04

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Product Details

Numbers 1
Packaging Carton box
Price according to the specifications
Specifications gas flow meter,mass flow meter
Product Code SRK-100
Place of Origin China

The thermal gas flow meter is also known as the thermal gas mass flow meter. This flow meter has a unique advantage in measuring small flow rates, and many schools use it for experiments. In addition, there is a wide range ratio, etc. At present, the heat flowmeter made in China is very cheap and is preferred by customers. Thermal gas mass flow meters are divided into: plug-in type and pipe type according to the installation method.

The advanced technique of Silver Automation Instruments has been introduced to produce this flow meter measuring gas mass flow. Traditional flow meters need to adapt temperature and pressure compensation for measurement of fluid mass flow, whereas this China Thermal Mass Flow meter can directly measure fluid mass flow without requiring temperature and pressure compensation. Its conspicuous features are as follows: direct trade settlement, no movable components, small pressure loss, wide range ratio, high accuracy, high reliability, simple installation and convenient operation. It is extensively used in the industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, medical industry, heat power plant and environmental protection etc.

Typical Applications
Flow measurement of gas in industrial pipelines
Flow measurement of air during gas combustion
Flow measurement of flue gas out of chimneys
Flow measurement of waterfall gas during water treatment
Flow measurement of gas and compressed air during production of cement, cigarette, and glass
Flow measurement of natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas, flare gas and hydrogen gas etc.
Flow measurement of trapped gas in steelworks

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