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Sintered titanium powder filter cartridge

Sintered titanium powder filter cartridge

Publish Time: 2015-11-10

Region: China(Mainland)»ShanXi Province

Industry: Minerals & Metallurgy»Steel Sheets

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Baoji Fitow Metal Co., Ltd

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Product Details

Numbers fm20151111
Packaging wooden case
Price 20
Specifications od15-120mm
Product Code iod33
Place of Origin baoji

Sintered titanium powder filter cartridge


Mechanical strength

Metal structure and sintered at high temperature

High temperature and pressure resistant

Cartridges can work under extreme
high temperature and pressure conditions.

Wide chemical compatibility

Cartridges can resist to strong acid, alkaline
and Ozone Oxidation.

Long life

Cartridges can be backwashable and cleaned
by chemical solvent, hot water,steam


Filter Media:Titanium powder Sintered
SUS316 powder Sintered
SUS316 mesh pleated

Cartridge Dimensions (Nominal)

Outer Diameter: 60mm/80mm
Length: 10"-250mm
Length: 20"- 500mm 30"-750 mm
40"- 1000mm
*(Length is based on Cut ends)