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Durable Wall Coverings

Durable Wall Coverings

Publish Time: 2016-07-04

Region: China(Mainland)»ZheJiang Province

Industry: Construction & Real Estate»Wallpapers

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At present the domestic market into the most mainstream products are

Exported products, its product style, design and originality to provide enterprises with a very rich blood and source. Secondly, foreign enterprises in time, history, engineering

Art and design, has a very strong heritage, thereby forming their industry to survive the entire pattern. Third strict planning, foreign enterprises from the wallpaper design style, style, meets market expectations for the future, they are to undergo a rigorous pre-planning,

Step by step to achieve in accordance with scientific means. And these are precisely lacking in our present stage. Some domestic enterprises wallpaper is just a concept, the lack of means to achieve this concept.

To this end, we must humbly learn, imitate wallpaper until beyond the foreign enterprises, so as to provide a good product for the domestic price of the common people.

Now the domestic wallpaper consumer groups moving from luxury apartments, villas, and gradually expand to the general residential market share has reached about two percent,

Among them, 80%

More consumers will be used for local decorative wallpaper. Conditions have weather, geography, and with huge space for development, Chinese wallpaper market has shown unprecedented vigor. However, lack of good market rules, Chinese wallpaper market norms, but also all my colleagues in the wallpaper industry, including foreign enterprises wallpaper,Work together to promote, establish and nurture.

Wallpaper as art products certain sense, in the development of brand positioning should be self-style, dominate;

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