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Durable Wallpaper

Durable Wallpaper

Publish Time: 2016-07-04

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In the visit, there is always some dealers to introduce a reporter called "liquid wallpaper"

The new paint. According to the reporter, also known as liquid wallpaper wallpaper paint is

Set wallpaper and paint on the merits of environmentally friendly water-based paint, an acrylic emulsion, titanium dioxide, pigments and other additives made, according to the decoration's

Willingness to create different visual effects, not only to overcome the paint color of a single, non-layered lack of restrictions, but also to avoid the wallpaper and easy to change, while Alice, seams, etc.

Shortcomings. In addition, some can produce luminous, relief and other special effects in the new paint on the market sales. In this regard, Yuan Yi told reporters: "

Liquid wallpaper, change the paint and coating formulation is made of coil coatings three routes for future development, but because of the relatively high cost of these new products, control is not strong, high skill requirements, so the market is not mainstream. "

In wallpaper, in addition to more enhanced than artistic, Cao Shengjie said that due to the continuous improvement and improve production technology and wallpaper paper-based processes, the new generation of wallpaper more emphasis on texture and tactile sense, to the development of ultra-thin breathable. "

Like fiber, straw and other materials thin, breathable, environmental protection will be the highlight of wallpaper future trends. "Cao Shengjie told reporters.

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