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Peelable Wall Paper

Peelable Wall Paper

Publish Time: 2016-07-04

Region: China(Mainland)»ZheJiang Province

Industry: Construction & Real Estate»Wallpapers

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Fourth, China's current situation and the plight of the wallpaper industry

From 8% to 80% market share to break through a strong collective enterprise forward wallpaper

Appeared 20 years ago, the wallpaper had conventional coatings pose a huge threat. However, the quality of life and other illnesses,

And price wars are so Chinese wallpaper market suffered the throes of development. In recent years, this decline can not be reconciled many wallpaper companies rallied less than 8% market face coating

Market share reached a joint bigger market pie consensus.

Wallpaper difficult domestic industry forward

The wallpaper "Exotic things" in China's development of twists and turns. Friends with gold leaf wallpaper Rouran deputy general manager as saying 20

Years ago, when China entered the wallpaper from Europe "Fengfengguangguang"

To quickly get to the high-end consumer groups alike. However, opportunities to see various people flocked wallpaper market, after several price war, wallpaper businesses had to rely on suppression costs, cut corners to maintain survival. Fade, easy to dirty, deformation, difficult to clean, hard renovation, short life-inferiority

Have appeared, wallpaper status plummeted.

At the same time, the paint industry, "Catch a Fire"

To Nippon paint companies, led by the first in the industry to launch propaganda coating, the coating material again get back on the market, "the first gold chair" position. From prosperity to decline, wallpaper industry has experienced less than 10

Years. In this regard, wallpaper bosses great emotion. In recent years, driven by the Rouran Dekor rainbow wallpaper and other mainstream companies, the market share of the industry gradually jumped 8% from 3% trough

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