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Washable Wall Covering

Washable Wall Covering

Publish Time: 2016-07-04

Region: China(Mainland)»ZheJiang Province

Industry: Construction & Real Estate»Wallpapers

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But sales still shows the market is not standardized, even chaos.


Reporters in an interview that the current development of the wallpaper industry is not mature, the market is very confusing, the purchase price of tens of dollars selling price times the situation is very common, there are many wallpaper advertised themselves as foreign brands, but did not indicate the origin and prices for consumers to buy them foggy. Insiders said that "

Many businesses want to make a go, resulting in confusion in the market now. "According to China Association of decoration materials relevant sources, 12

It is expected to introduce by the end of the preparation of the State Environmental Protection Department "wallpaper industry standards." Insiders pointed out that after the implementation of the new standard will improve the situation to some extent.

8% 80% Status view vision

According to the International Data IGI wallpaper Association released data show that in 2008 global consumption of wallpaper, the largest growth in China and North America, up 20%

. However, China's per capita consumption is only 0.3 square meters wallpaper, while Japan was 5.4

Square meters, we can see that China's market potential is considerable wallpaper. As a statistical data from the home improvement company, shows that 47% of families want to choose modern decoration wallpaper wall decorations, but less than 8% of the coating market

Market share shows that China needs to tap the wallpaper market.

Restrain domestic wallpaper industry the most important reason is the price. "The biggest advantage of wallpaper is beautiful, but the biggest advantage is the low-cost paint."

An industry source told reporters calculations: a 100-square-meter house, if you choose wallpaper mid-range, to spend 20 000 -3 million,

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