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Bright White Wallpaper

Bright White Wallpaper

Publish Time: 2016-07-04

Region: China(Mainland)»ZheJiang Province

Industry: Construction & Real Estate»Wallpapers

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And led the integration of all aspects of the power industry, jointly issued a strong voice to the outside world. On the other hand, all enterprises and brand awareness increased year by year. It is understood that today's wallpaper exhibition to attract five or six one hundred exhibitors, which is to represent the Rouran enterprise. "

Rouran exhibitors will be new theme each year package, "deputy general manager of Rouran wallpaper YE Kim told reporters," emphasis on the one hand, exhibitors can expand distribution channels, on the other hand can increase brand influence.

"For the industry, an increasing number of exhibitors, making the show bigger and bigger, effectively created a momentum and influence the wallpaper industry.

?It is this strong collective consciousness of today's brands have changed the wallpaper "cats and dogs"

Situation, to go from the different operations of the road, Qi Li pioneering industry

More market share. Last year, the rainbow wallpaper wallpaper launched China's first design center, will be the world's newest wallpaper production processes and materials and Chinese art forms combine to promote the rapid development of the domestic wallpaper localization industry. The Rouran wallpaper also officially launched last year, "the overall soft-mounted"

Philosophy of life, to experience the museum in the form of creating a new industry pattern. Thus, many wallpaper companies want to come back to revive the industry glory.

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