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Nonwoven Wallpaper

Nonwoven Wallpaper

Publish Time: 2016-07-04

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Fifth, the definition and characteristics wallpaper


Wallpaper as decoration in the new favorite, has been more and more people accept love, a lot of people in the decoration will choose wallpaper, wallpaper'll tell you about the following classification and features for consumers to buy into their own wallpaper species.

?From the material to be classified into the following categories:

???1. Usually wallpaper

????Usually wallpaper is the most economical wall decoration materials, many colors, labels and more, today's market is still domestic products for the bulk product. Higher prices of imports,

Elegant color, not much higher than that of the advanced countries of products, it is generally used in domestic products, as long as there is proper equally good results. In terms of price, country

Wallpaper yield very different, generally divided into lower, middle, superior, premium of four, lower quality goods mostly not for building used by companies, often color

Uneven color, size, width varies, uneven pattern, easy to change paper poor, poor adhesion and other shortcomings, it should be used to choose the construction company to send products, especially with reference to insiders looking to view, or add some funds in other good products, generally lower commodity prices 120 per ping

Yuan. Intermediate goods are used the most, the price of 120-160 yuan per ping, senior product about 180 yuan -460 yuan, while premium products are mostly imported, the price per ping 450-1200

yuan. Selection of premium products should note is appropriate, I have advocated use of domestic products, not only the price is not high, also many colors, wallpaper imported to Britain, France and Germany mainly.

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