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Solid Wallpaper

Solid Wallpaper

Publish Time: 2016-07-04

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Plastic wall covering made of plastic raw materials, the embossing machine and brush color processing, has a different texture and style. Plastic foam wallpaper thinner than the thickness of the wall covering, because

Plastic raw materials, without much more than the surface gloss, a matte soft shape. The biggest advantage to be clean, strong water resistance. Color foam on more than wallpaper. Three-dimensional surface of the plastic wall covering by little, without much sense of perspective, in addition to water resistance, the color of the surface to be used indiscriminately, with the general size of the wallpaper.

5. Gold foil wallpaper

Gold itself has a metallic luster, especially in the light irradiation shot will be reflective, quite brilliant gold wall effect. For dining, bedroom, Partition, model homes, clothing stores and other places is very suitable, quite atmosphere.

6. Velvet wallpaper

Velvet wallpaper is to be generally wallpaper, surface flocking treatment, so there is color, there are soft velvet plant and texture, it is a warm feeling.

For the bedroom, living room, clothing shop, lobby, restaurants, exhibition halls are having effect.

7. Velvet wall covering

Flannel as a wall covering it, as the couch with wood ceiling and wall materials as different. Velvet for the wall material, generally shorter tufting, highlight color, fancy, mostly plain, thin bottom Bubi Sha release, multi-glued on paper, in order to paste the construction.

8. Landscape wallpaper

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