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Types Of Wall Coverings

Types Of Wall Coverings

Publish Time: 2016-07-04

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11. Natural fiber woven wall covering

Natural sources of fiber woven wall covering, rather rustic properties, mainly in woven grass wall covering, wall covering linen, cotton wall covering, in which the texture of linen wall coverings

Most flutter clumsy, multi-surface non-staining and showed the original appearance, while straw wall coverings and wall coverings make more cotton knitting dyeing process, the surface soft and smooth, especially promotion of the largest straw wall covering.

12. Acrylic yarn fiber wall coverings

In acrylic fiber yarn as raw material wall covering, like carpet texture, but thin, soft texture, material handling has been dyed a variety of colors

And color combinations, the most in a single plain, two similar colors or semi-harmonic color, white or mixed as the main product combination, but for the large wall, or when a whole lot of use, is still the best single plain. Complex color combinations of products depends on the configuration of the case, if handled properly, can be used.

13. Silk wall covering

In silk fiber wall covering material made of fine, beautiful, because of its unique luster, showing a noble sense. Silk material containing higher number of higher prices, trapped on the display field, window, senior living room, clothing stores, are considerable effect.

14. Bright line wall covering

Bright line like wall covering performance clothing sequins very beautiful dazzling, belongs to exaggeration, performative timber,

Not combined for the general design plan.

Such products are commercially pattern type and plain, plain red, blue, green, yellow, gold, silver-based, as the market pattern more products from small pattern combinations, very large complex, not pretty. However, any suitable material as long as it is still the class is a good work, such material can be used in dimly lit club,

Or gorgeous restaurant, or used as a showcase for the locality, and are arranged on the stage. Such wall covering with silver, yellow, gold wide open way.

15. Liquid wallpaper (color coat)

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