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Non Adhesive Wallpaper

Non Adhesive Wallpaper

Publish Time: 2016-07-04

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Industry: Construction & Real Estate»Wallpapers

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4, anti-static wallpaper: effectively prevent static electricity;

5 fluorescent wallpaper: to produce a special effect ----- night wall brilliance. After 45 minutes the night lights of sustainable fluorescent effect, loved by children.

By product classification colors and decor

Wallpaper can be divided into pattern type, flower type, abstract type, combination, children's cartoon type, type and other special effects, and can play a role in the finishing touch to the waistline wallpaper.

Six wallpaper features

Wallpaper has in the course of the unique advantage of having relatively good wear resistance, stain resistance, ease of cleaning and other characteristics, especially

Insulation board crack problem which often appears on the SGX in real estate, has been lingering in between decoration company and the owners of the problem. Insulation board made of latex paint,

Whether the addition of Dacron cloth or bandage, not long after the hand over, cracks will be revealed, and the wallpaper can well play a role circumvent this defect. In particular, it has a strong decorative effect wallpaper, wallpaper with different styles can often create a different feeling of personal space, make home more

Plus vivid. New wallpaper texture, decorative effect and practicality, have interior wall paint is difficult to achieve.Currently selected wallpaper in more than 80% foreign wall decoration, especially in Japan, South Korea and other countries, almost every family use wallpaper,


Living room, kitchen and even the bathroom all chosen wallpaper as decoration materials, coatings used but rarely. Because the chemical composition of coatings are more environmentally friendly

Poor, single color, visual and not full, so much for exterior decoration. As people's awareness of environmental protection, home decoration wallpaper will be one of the main election material.

Seven wallpaper use

In addition to traditional wallpaper covered the entire wall of a decorative role, in fact, only be attached to the part of the wall, coupled with decorative edge wallpaper, the wallpaper "inlay

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