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Wallpapers Decoration Kerala Scenery Wallpaper

Wallpapers Decoration Kerala Scenery Wallpaper

Publish Time: 2016-07-18

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Step four: Measure from paragraph outwardly concave angle and width plus 5mm, make marks on the wall. Step five: put a pencil mark on the spirit level, check if true vertical, and posted on the cover of the wallpaper glue is applied. Step Six: good wallpaper paste will cover the outside of the vertical alignment in order to prevail in a vertical line, the rest of the laminating room wallpaper. Inside Corner processing method of settlement (2) Housing occurrence (3) Step One - third step: all above. Step 4: another piece of wallpaper paste overlaps with the previous one wallpaper, flower wallpaper aligned and turned to the other wall. Step five: Corner in the shade on the back of the blade angle and straighten the female. Note: The first hand slowly wallpaper close female angle, again on the back of the female angle blade slowly Shuhei, do not force so as not to hurt wallpaper. Step Six B: 2mm away from the negative angle along the blade was repaired along the crease, with a ruler with a utility knife, cut from top to bottom. Step Seven: Remove the extra wallpaper, white towel or sponge and wipe off excess glue. Fifth, overlapping patchwork of flowers if the natural side of the flower wallpaper, flower after the paper edge to be strict; if natural edge missing, not patchwork of natural side, then take the seam paste method with Choudao that after two good paper glued to spend a little overlap, with one foot in length rod, wallpaper knife along the center line of the overlapping portion overlapping off across the board, two cut edges torn paper, paper with a scraper seam evenness, to be strict. Yang corner posts wrap angle real. Yin corner posts take sew, sew head to stay in the backlight surface. Note, wall covering, rear wall posts can not be felt on Choudao, such as irregular edges, should not tie before straight knife with wallpaper paste on the wall again. Sixth, the pressure to catch the binder, with a plastic scraper or brush bubble Calibrating expel air bubbles and excess adhesive with a clean towel to wipe seam wallpaper, wallpaper knife finally go up and down the excess. Seven, finishing cleanup.

Chris Brand wallpaper - Chinese wallpaper founder of Culture

After all the wallpaper paste, you should carefully check again. Check the contents: (1) whether the seams are aligned, while Alice. (2) whether there is a bubble. (3) whether there is a pattern does not match. (4) from the crease. If the above method according to the following remedies: (1) Loosen the seams: seams with a knife to stir up, injecting glue from the slit, with a suitable flat blade, wipe off excess glue. (2) Bubble: The art knife to open, at the opening of the injection of glue, with an appropriate level to pull, wipe off excess glue. (3) does not match the pattern: due to imprecise buildings, such as the uneven foundation settlement caused can not spend it can appear in an inconspicuous corner. (4) from the crease: The art knife to open the crease, with glue, with a roller rolling smooth, if not flat, use "fill ingot" approach. (5) wet patches: usually seen wallpaper defects; but may be a problem with the wall, to ask the experts. (6) Black Point: Most black dot indicates a problem with the wall such as: mold, water seepage; removing wallpaper handle moisture section, and then coated with mildew glue. Rubbish. The doors and windows closed 2-5 days to allow the wallpaper to dry naturally. Remember not to let the temperature changes too much, so as not to change the wallpaper of hot and cold, severe shrinkage or expansion caused by slits.

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