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White Paper Wallpaper Wood Floor Wallpaper

White Paper Wallpaper Wood Floor Wallpaper

Publish Time: 2016-07-18

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A, PVC wallpaper surface mainly polyvinyl chloride resin, there are the following three: A, ordinary type ------ to 80g / square meter of paper as the base paper, surface coating 100g / square meter PVC resin. Its surface decoration method is usually printed, embossed or printed with a combination of embossed. B, foaming ------- to 100g / sqm paper is paper-based, applied to the surface 300-400g / square meter PVC resin. According to the size of the expansion ratio, there are low foaming and high foaming, respectively. Wherein the high elastic foam wallpaper surface embossed, it has a certain sound-absorbing effect. C, functional ------ where water wallpaper is made of glass fiber cloth as a substrate, it can be used to decorate the bathroom, bathroom wall; fire wallpaper is used 100-200g / square meter of asbestos paper as the substrate, and PVC surface material incorporated flame retardant.

PVC wallpaper has some water resistance, to facilitate construction. After the surface contamination, use a clean sponge or towel. Second, pure paper wallpaper wallpaper plain paper divided into two types: D, raw wood pulp paper ------ with raw wood pulp as raw material, by beating molding, surface printing. Class wallpaper relative toughness is good, relatively smooth surface, a single square meter of the proportion of relatively heavy. E, Recycled ------ with recyclables as raw material, by beating, filtration, purification treatment from the toughness of such paper is relatively weak, mostly for surface or semi-expandable foam. A single square meter of gravity is relatively light. Pure paper wallpaper water resistance is relatively weak, the construction surface is best not to excess glue, such as accidentally excess glue, do not wipe with a clean sponge or towel to try. If you are using pure starch glue, glue, etc. can also be completely dry after lightly with a brush. Third, also known as non-woven wallpaper cloth pulp fibers or wood pulp fibers, it is currently the most popular new green wallpaper material. In cotton and other natural plant fiber through nonwoven forming a wallpaper. It does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and chlorine, carbon dioxide and water only when completely burned, and the thick black smoke generated during combustion and no chemical elements pungent odor. Visual effects and soft touch, good ventilation! Wallpaper table at the end of such a body, no paper-based, direct printing chromatic advanced technology, richer than the fabric surface wallpaper pattern is elegant classic pattern and simple fashion the perfect combination of modern design. Non-woven wallpaper because the use of natural materials, there may be a gradual color, it is a normal phenomenon, not quality problems. It should be noted the construction, pre-construction each roll wallpaper contrast several times to see if there is color. Roll of a roll open cut, each volume in the last one before the glue should do a roll under a comparison, found the problem, contact the upstream suppliers. Remember not all on the wall after the discovery of the problem. Monochrome wallpaper can turn around and take the edge consider tailoring posts seams better. When construction is recommended protective tape to prevent contamination of the surface of the wallpaper glue overflow to the surface. If accidentally excess glue, do not wipe with a clean sponge or towel to try. If you are using pure starch glue, glue, etc.

can also be completely dry after lightly with a brush. Fourth, the fabric surface wallpaper its surface chosen fabrics, chemical fiber, hemp, silk, silk, silk, satin, it or mat fabrics such as raw materials, the visual and feel soft, comfortable, with elegant sense, some silk, silk fabric because reflective effect of its fibers and is very beautiful, but these are expensive wallpaper. Oil is a natural product surface of the fabric structure, larger shrinkage, sensitive to pollution.

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