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Wallpapers China Designer Vinyl Wallpaper

Wallpapers China Designer Vinyl Wallpaper

Publish Time: 2016-07-18

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its surface layer of high strength resin as raw materials, with scrub, anti-friction, fire-retardant, waterproof features. In the bottom of the main non-woven cloth or mesh. Public areas of the hotel, apartments, villas, private clubs and other places for high-end use, such as: hallway, lobby, restrooms and other places. American Burkina paper material is relatively heavy, heavy wallpaper belongs sufficient toughness and strength, please note the following Stones: 1, such wallpaper more heavy and difficult to stick firmly, it is recommended that the use of US special glue. No such special glue customers should use high viscosity glue, white latex, or add section and maintain adequate concentration. When necessary, wall paper and glue on the back at the same time. 2, Burkina paper mostly wide wallpaper (1.37M), constrained by the level of manufacturing process, wall covering left and right ends the possibility of chromatic aberration produced increases, so as to eliminate this phenomenon, no flower wallpaper, try paving U-turn. 3, wall covering surface more rational strong muscles, forming convex special effects. However, this plastic material, once contaminated, wipe the surface difficult to clean, it must be protected with the Stones. 4, due to their greater weight wall covering, transportation, storage process, wall coverings edge easily deformed, so a lap in the process of construction should tailor. 5, since the paper itself Burkina hard and tough, so should be kept toolholder solid, solid blades sharp and replac the blades. Recommended to use imported blade, knife. 6, due to the tough thick wall covering, paving the yin and yang angle construction more difficult, overcast corner should award, Yang corner shall be exceptionally strong edge glue to make it stick firmly. Do not open the door after the construction within 48 hours of ventilation windows, and customers and made it clear that maintenance considerations.

1 Pure paper wallpaper: consists mainly of grasses, bark, and modern high-end new natural strengthening pulp (containing 10% of the wood fiber yarn) processing, natural color, elegant, simple, paste technology is simple, easy to Alice, blistering, no smell, high environmental performance, breathable, earmarked for the European type wallpaper children's room, especially the more modern new wallpaper strengthening pulp scrub, anti-static, no dust and so on. International brands such as wallpaper sanderson. 2. Superior performance wood fiber wallpaper this wallpaper, wallpaper overcome many shortcomings, classic, practical end wallpaper. Fine wood surface or polyester synthetic fiber yarn extracted from a special species in the Nordic, matt pigment type (flowers, flax extract), soft and natural, easy and furniture with color variety; the human body without any chemical attack, breathable good performance, wall moisture, moisture can through the wallpaper;

long-term use, there will be no feeling of suffocation, that is, we often say that the "breath of wallpaper", is the first choice for a healthy home. It is durable and can be cleaned with water, but you can use a brush. Anti-pull effect 8-10 times better than ordinary wallpaper. Mildew, moisture, decay, life is 2-3 times that of ordinary wallpaper. 3. It is a natural effect wallpaper wallpaper surface layer made of grass, wood, leaves, etc., simple and natural style, simple and elegant, rich flavor of life, gives a feeling of getting back to basics. 4. The foam wallpaper: foam wallpaper with 100 g / m2 paper as a substrate, coated 300 to 400 g / m2 PVC paste resin mixed with a foaming agent, foaming after printing. Such wallpaper appear thicker than regular wallpaper, soft.

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