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Nonwoven Wallpaper Wallpaper Decorative

Nonwoven Wallpaper Wallpaper Decorative

Publish Time: 2016-07-18

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Wherein the high elastic foam wallpaper surface was uneven; low foaming wallpaper is printed on the flat foam patterns, shaped like a relief, wood, tile and other effects. 5. plastic wallpaper: This is the common market of wallpaper, most of the plastic polyvinyl chloride (or polyethylene), referred to as PVC plastic wallpaper. Plastic wallpaper is usually divided into: ordinary wallpaper, wallpaper foam. Each category is divided into several varieties, each species is further divided into a variety of colors. Ordinary wallpaper with 80 g / m2 paper as a substrate, coated 100 g / square meters of PVC paste resin, and then by printing, embossing made. This wallpaper is often divided into plain printing, light printing, monochrome embossing, embossed printing types. 6 metal wallpaper: Traditional rich and elegant, noble and beautiful, which is a metal wallpaper to bring our experience. Typically, however, this feeling only in hotels, restaurants or nightclubs can have. Modern home wall special effects small part. This metal wallpaper is gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum and other metals, after special treatment, made of sheet appliqué on the surface of the wallpaper, this wallpaper lines formed quite rough and unrestrained, the entire piece for wall It may flow in cheesy, but appropriate embellishment can seamlessly feed zone and a kind of dazzling avant-garde.

Wallpaper, decorative wall covering construction process wallpaper, decorative wall covering wall paper construction process refers to the class wall wallpaper, wall covering wall paper and other wall. (A) construction of the wall on the class wall paper wall with cement mortar base, so that the wall formation. After drying over putty and polished with sandpaper, then 107 glue or other adhesive wallpaper paste. (B) laminating wallpaper, wall coverings the main process sweeping the grass, fill the gap → gypsum board seams with a seam paste, fill putty, sanding paper → full putty, polished → → brushing the bottom brushing moisture agent wall glue → elastic line → → wallpaper wallpaper flooding, brushing the grass-roots binder → wallpaper cutter, gluing on the wall → laminating, patchwork, lap, flower → catch the bubble pressure adhesive glue → → wiping trimming . (C) laminating wallpaper, wall coverings Construction Points 1. When primary treatment, must be clean, smooth, moisture-proof paint should be painted uniform, not too thick. (1) concrete and plaster the grassroots: the wall cleaned, the surface cracks, uneven place with putty.

Then filled putty, sanding flat. Putty need to decide the number of passes. (2) Primary wood: Wood grassroots should be planed, no glitches, closure stubble, no exposed nail heads. Joints, nail holes with putty fill level. Full putty, polished smooth. (3) Primary gypsum board: gypsum board joints with caulking putty treated with joint tape firmly affixed. Surface putty. Brushing primer is generally used 107 glue, primer again survived, but can not have missed. 2. To prevent the wallpaper, wall coverings damp off, brushing a layer of moisture-proof coating. 3. Bomb vertical and horizontal lines, in order to ensure the wallpaper, wall coverings smooth vertical and horizontal pattern right basis. 4. Plastic wallpaper glue water expands, so use moist paper, plastic wallpaper fully inflated, the glass fiber base wallpaper, wall coverings, etc., no water stretching, no run paper. Composite paper wallpaper wallpaper and textile fibers and it is not boring water. 5. After pasting wallpaper adhesives rush pressure, can not leave the bubble, the extruded plastic to timely Kaijing. (Iv) Notes 1. Primary wall moisture content should be less than 8%. 2. Wall roughness reached by 2 meters by foot inspection, not more than 2 mm height difference.

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