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Industry Wallpaper Pvc Printing Paper

Industry Wallpaper Pvc Printing Paper

Publish Time: 2016-07-18

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3. When the first of the patchwork pattern, after the patchwork, the upper and lower pattern match. 4. Prohibition in the sun angle at the patchwork, wallpaper to wrap over the sun angle of 20 mm. 5. When laminating a nonwoven glass fiber wall covering and wall coverings, adhesives can not brush the back, the figurines will brush the adhesive on the substrate. Because there is a small pore wall covering, the adhesive will be printed on the surface through the emergence of glue marks, affect the appearance. 1. Overlay class wall decoration process wood siding, wood paneling wood wainscoting, wood paneling construction. Brick in the wall embedded wood preservative will be fixed on the wooden dragon skeleton wooden bricks, and then nailed or glued wooden panel keel frame. Wood keel section is 20 to 40 mm × 40 ~ 50 mm, wood keel spacing of 400 to 600 mm. 2. Wood siding, wood paneling construction process: process shells line the walls → → → production of wood frame wood frame fixed installation trim panel → → install shut lines 3. Construction Points (1) the wall should be smooth. Such as wall formation error of less than 10 mm, can be taken plastering tailored approach; If the error is greater than 10 mm in between the wall and the padded wood keel. (2) based on the height and size of the room siding nails done by bone sticks, whole piece or slice installation, the installation of the skirting board in the bottom of the wood paneling, the skirting board fixed on the skids and wall panels, skirting board height of 150 mm onto the scene with Mouldings plate fixed to the wall. (3) Panel thickness determined in accordance with size between wooden keel, transverse keel is generally about 400 mm, vertical keel normally 600

Mm. When the panel thickness of 1 mm or more, may be appropriate to enlarge the cross-keel spacing. (4) when the nail dowels, top siding to pull leveling, wooden bead size specifications to be consistent. (5) After the installation of wood paneling, should be treated immediately finishes, again brushing edible vegetable oil in order to prevent contamination of other types of board. 4. Cautions 1. damp walls, it should be dried after construction, or do moisture treatment. First, the wall can be done in a moisture barrier; the second is in the wall plate, left under vent; Third, through the brick wall wooden overhangs, the panel, wood keel with a certain distance away from the wall, to avoid moisture panel of. 2. Two yin and yang corner of the wall, must be added to nail wooden keel. 3. The brushing varnish should be selected with the species, colors and patterns of the panel. Class stone wall decoration process (a) natural granite, marble wall structure and construction technology 1. natural granite, marble wall structure: natural stone heavier, in order to ensure safety, the general approach of double insurance, namely sheet and Primary connection with lashing wire, and then cementing mortar. Decorative plates and structural walls interval of 3 to 5 cm, as the grout joints, filling the post every time poured height of about 20 cm, after continued solid condensate perfusion. 2. Natural granite, marble wall construction process: primary treatment → grassroots install steel mesh plate drilling → → → filling → lashing plate caulking → polishing. (Ii) construction and quartzite quartzite structure wall construction technology and construction technology and glazed walls can be pasted similar method. Quartzite high water absorption, to be soaked with water before pasting. Home decoration small size of local stone and artificial stone can refer glazed paste method.

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