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Fabulous Wallpaper South Korea Wallpaper

Fabulous Wallpaper South Korea Wallpaper

Publish Time: 2016-07-18

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Class veneer wall decoration process (a) Class A decorative veneer basic process 1. Paste glazed: Primary treatment → wipe clean base immersion gray → → → selected tile row of tiles → elastic line → point → Paste to paste standard tile grouts → → → wiping clean up the seam. 2. Paste ceramic mosaic tile: Clean grassroots → → wiping foundation gray brick row elastic line → Paste → → release paper rub seam. 3. Construction Points 1. Primary treatment, should clean up all kinds of dirt on the wall, and one day in advance watering wet. Concrete walls should be chiseled convex portion, the base layer cutting hair, clean floating ash. 107 glue or cement mortar nap. After wiping ash foundation, when the bottom 6 to 7 percent dryness, brick row elastic line. 2. The official must be pasted before pasting standard point for controlling the pasted surface flatness, the operation should be used at any time by foot inspection flatness, uneven, not straight, to remove the heavy stick. Must be at least 清水中浸泡 two hours, with no bubbling brick prevail 3. Before tile adhesives, dry out and set aside. 4. Shop sticky encounter pipelines, lamp switch, support equipment, such as toilets, must be consistent with the whole cutting brick sets. 5. Xiangtie finished, wipe the surface with a cotton yarn, then wipe with white water mud seam. 4. Notes 1. Primary must be clean, without surface dust, floating dust. Old wall to clean the surface of the original mortar. 2. Dried and must be soaked tile. Because the drying plate Stones, mortar water will soon be sucked plate, resulting cement mortar dehydration, affecting its setting and hardening, the occurrence of hollowing, from housing and other issues. Construction process wood keel keel wooden partition wall 1. The partition wall construction program to clean up the grass-roots ground → elastic line, find the rules → pillow on the ground to do with (also known as skirting seat) with bricks, cement mortar → elastic line,

Return line to the ceiling and the wall of the main structure → → install vertical studs along the border, the operation along the top Lenz → Li Li cut off the keel keel → → nail cross-sealing the cover panel, and set aside to strengthen the position of the socket cover panel processing skids → . 2. keel wooden partition wall construction elements 1. Use wooden dragon skeleton size of 40 mm × 70 mm red, white pine. Li keel spacing is generally between 450 to 600 mm. 2. Install along the ground, along the top of wooden flute, flute technique should be inserted into the ends of the brick wall at least l20 mm to ensure that the partition wall and the wall of the original structure is securely connected. Glass brick partition wall construction process glass brick partition wall construction points: 1. Glass brick masonry should be equipped with two f6 ~ f8 steel reinforcing basis. Base height should not exceed 150mm, width should be greater than the thickness of 20mm or more of glass bricks. 2. The glass brick partition walls at the top and ends with metal profiles, bad mouth its width should be greater than the thickness of 10 ~ 18mm above the brick. 3. When the partition length or height greater than 1500mm, two-story set in the vertical direction per one bar (when the length, the height of more than 1500mm, set the two bars); every three vertical slit at one bar in the horizontal direction . Reinforcement extends into the notch of not less than 35mm. With steel reinforced glass brick partition height must not exceed 4m. 4. The glass partition walls at both ends of the wings and the metal sections should be left slippery slit width of not less than 4mm, filled with linoleum seam.

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