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Wall Paper Vinyl Vinyl Pvc Flooring

Wall Paper Vinyl Vinyl Pvc Flooring

Publish Time: 2016-07-18

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glass partition plate and profiles should be left ventral width not less than 10mm of expansion joints, in order to avoid glass brick partition wall damage. 5. glass brick tiles should be inserted into the uppermost layer of the metal profile top notch 10 ~ 25mm, in order to avoid glass bricks and broken due to the rigidity of the extrusion. 6. The seams between the glass brick not less than 10mm, and not more than 30mm. 7. glass tiles and profiles, profiles junction with the building, the application of elastic sealant. Mirror glass wall construction process 1. Mirror glass wall structure. Glass fixing methods: (1) on a glass drilling, chrome plated screws, copper screws fixing the glass on the wooden frame and backing. (2) with hardwood, plastic, metal and other materials, pressed glass bead. (3) with an epoxy resin to stick to the glass liner. 2. The mirror glass installation process: Clean nail wooden dragon skeleton grassroots → → → fixed glass nail liner. 3. Note: (1) uniform surface of the glass thickness should be 5 to 8 mm. (2) When the installation is prohibited hammer and pry, inappropriate when removing heavy security.

How mass discriminator wallpaper: Usually to identify from the following aspects: 1, the thickness of the base paper. 2, the strength of the product. 3, the degree of abrasion. 4, green harmless. 5, color resident. Wallpaper What are the advantages? 1, rich color pattern, optional strong. 2, good environmental performance. 3, good covering performance. 4, convenient construction. 5, easily replaceable. 6, cost-effective. 7, high-grade quality. 8, easy to clean. 9, there are some special wallpaper mildew, fire-retardant, and a series of sound-absorbing properties. How wallpaper environmental performance? 1, the current process of wallpaper a lot better than before, the surface of the ink wallpaper now are generally water-based ink. 2, chemical wallpaper surface through a high temperature process in which harmful substances have completely evaporated. Wallpaper permeability testing methods: in the selection of wallpaper, consumers can take to check the back of the wallpaper dripping water permeability wallpaper. If moisture impermeable paper, it means that the wallpaper does not have air permeability, after this wall wallpaper paste vulnerable Alice, a direct impact on the life of the wallpaper. How Paving wallpaper front wall should be treated? Prepare wallpaper wall should be flat and dry and free of dirt, the wall color should be uniform. Brush paint the walls after a few years will inevitably lead to the use of paint peeling, cracks or uneven dirt place, and too thick layer of paint will affect the absorption wall wallpaper glue, wallpaper paste is not good on the wall, so wallpaper before the Stones needed to shovel the original plaster. How Supervision Paving wallpaper: 1, before paving the wallpaper, to remind the master, the wallpaper is considered a good buy, is not enough, so they can avoid wasting wallpaper can also play the master initiative to help you think about how with scrap. 2, varnished than the base film is good, so basically do not hurt torn plateau to the wall, to facilitate future change wallpaper. Supervised the workers must take the soaked wallpaper. Why would anyone think that wallpaper paste using a short time? People think wallpaper easily. This is not the wallpaper itself, but the process paste and glue quality problems. Glue paste used in the past is not strong, easy to play volumes fall, resulting in a short service life wallpaper. Wallpaper in the maintenance should pay attention to what issues? 1, wallpaper construction is completed, the doors and windows should be closed so that the wallpaper dry naturally, forbidden drafts.

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