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Cassette Air Conditioner

Cassette Air Conditioner

Publish Time: 2010-07-07

Region: China(Mainland)»

Industry: Home Appliances»Air Conditioners


Wenzhou Yuetu Electric Appliances Group Co., Ltd.

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Place of Origin China

1)KFR-50QW: 18,000Btu/h (single-fan),
2)KFR-65QW: 22,100Btu/h (single-fan)

1) KFR-50QW:
a) 18000Btu/h (single-fan)
b) Indoor dimensions (H x W x L): 290 x 650 x 650mm
c) Outdoor dimensions (H x W x D): 686 x 865 x 370mm
2) KFR-65QW:
a) 22100Btu/h (single-fan)
b) Indoor dimensions (H x W x L): 290 x 650 x 650mm
c) Outdoor dimensions (H x W x D): 688 x 915 x 370mm

1) Full range models from 2.6kW to 15.5kW available in R410A, R407C, and R22.
2) European design on dimensions and construction to save installation cost.
Panel dimensions (650 x 650mm) or (850 x 850mm) or (1050 x 1050mm)
3) Branded motor A.O.SMITH selected to strengthen unit life and get excellent
lower noise
4) Select SAUERMANN (France) water pump with float switch to guarantee high
efficient working
5) Separate 4 stepping motor for 4 swing louver to get exact air direction control
6) High efficiency evaporator: both indoor/outdoor with special hydrophilic
aluminum fins and inner grooved tube to generate greater cooling power,
enables the condensation to flow quickly and freely through the fins, prevent
the system from freezing and corrosion, thus prolonging the system life
7) Special designed optional functions and protection:
a) Defrost, preheat and post heat control functions
b) Wired wall control pad
c) High/low pressure protection to compressor for big capacity above 9.0kW,
in R410A
d) Outdoor low ambient temperature fan speed control
e) Fresh air intake connection
f) Auto restart function
g) Branch duct: transfer the cool or heat air to another room
h) Intelligent networking control system is an integrated building management
system that uses our independents, high-speed multi-transmission method.
If use this function, another special PCB design with space to insert a gateway
card to guarantee centralized master-slave control. It can control maximum
30 sets of air conditioners at the same time to control different temp. in
different rooms, operating independently (this function will be finished
in 1 - 2 months)

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