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Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Publish Time: 2010-07-07

Region: China(Mainland)»

Industry: Home Appliances»Air Conditioners


Wenzhou Yuetu Electric Appliances Group Co., Ltd.

Contact:Mr. Tielan Xie
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Product Details

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Place of Origin Zhejiang,China(Mainland)

R410A,R22 ON/OFF 9000BTU/-24000BTU

Famous Compressor TridimensionaI Wind
use famous brand compressors to Louver can be adjusted ,fresh air will
keep high efficiency and quaIity be sent to every corner of room

Four FoIds Evaporator Filter
High efficiency ,improve EER and COP It can filtrate dust from air

Big Diamete r Indoor Fan Auto Adjust Airflow
Adjust roomtemperature quickly,low down Airflow swings automatically


Comfortable Sleeping Moveable Panel
Adjust room temperature andwind Easy to clean panel, keep quality of air
according to body temperature

Soft Start
Machine can start running even the
voltage is around 187V

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