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Foundry Crane

Foundry Crane

Publish Time: 2014-12-23

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Foundry is also called Ladle Crane, it is large casting lifting equipment on lifting and dumping steel ladle in foundry workshop, frequently used in high temperature, high dust and related harsh conditions, with high safety performance and high working-level, generally divided into dual-beam dual-track, four-beam four-track or four-beam six-rail structures.
Double girder double track single trolley form is generally used for small-tonnage foundry crane under 160 tons, consists of trolley, bridge, crane and trolley traveling mechanism and electric control system, etc.

Double girder double track Foundry Crane
Four-beam four-track trolley is generally used for medium and large tonnage foundry crane, 100 to 320 tons. Consists of main trolley, auxiliary trolley, crane traveling mechanism, bridge and electric control system.
Four-beam six-track double trolley is generally used for large-tonnage foundry crane-lifting more than 320 tons; its structure is similar with four-beam four-track double girder trolley. The main purpose is to solve the problem of large pressure of the main trolley wheel to improve the stress state of the main trolley frame.
Four-beam four-track Foundry Crane

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